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## Welcome!!


Hi!!, welcome to **Redmine**, one of our tools in the Faircoop Open Collaborative Ecosystem (OCE) to be used as Project and Contact Relationship Manager.


To add a task/bug or proposal for any FairCoop project, simply register and add an issue inside that project.


To log hours, request to join the project, work on the tasks, and then log the time spent.


Check our [Help]( and tutorials in several languages to start contributing easily.


## Why using Redmine?


FairCoop Catalan node decided in assembly to implement it for managing the tasks of its own node and while the tech team was configuring it, we saw the great potential of it and that it could be used by other nodes and areas and for other functionality broader than just task management.


**Redmine** is a free and open source, web-based project management and issue tracking tool, with many years of huge community development behind and a long list of plugins that extend its functionalities without having to write any additional code.


It supports 34 languages and provides a powerful API to connect it to other tools of the Faircoop Ecosystem in OCE.


More info at:

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